Ended - Enzoani 2021 Collection


December 4 - 13


Trudys Brides


TRUDYS is excited to preview the entire Enzoani Spring 2021 collection. Also included are Elysee and Etoile collections from the 2021 season. Founded in Southern California, Enzoani is cutting edge in bridal designs, with highly-experienced pattern-makers to create and hand bead an exquisite collection. The design team behind Enzoani’s collections is led by the award-winning master designer KC Lin, a graduate of the London College of Fashion, who brings an avant garde inspiration to a timeless design esthetic. He brings his 20 years of experience to create one of a kind designs for Enzoani and Enzoani Blue collections. Receive 10% any Enzoani bridal gown special order on the first appointment visit between Dec 4th - Dec 13th. Make your appointment today as availability is limited.