5 Ways To Include “Something Blue”

We all know the old rhyme – something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. There are so many ways that you can include blue into your special day. Here are a few of our favorites!

1.) Blue Jewelry

A fun way to include blue in your big day is to rock some blue jewelry. It could be something subtle like in your earrings or a bracelet. Or even something more prominent like in a necklace. Whatever you think looks best and goes well with your dress. This is a great way to include blue without being over the top (like wearing a blue dress!).

2.) Blue Bridesmaids Dresses or Blue Suits

Why not make your wedding color blue and put your maids or the men in shades of blue? That’s probably the easiest way to incorporate it into your wedding day.

3.) Blue Nail Polish

Painting your nails blue could also be a fun way to include this old tradition into your wedding. It doesn’t have to be all of your nails; it could just be your pinky or even your toenails to make it more discrete. Then you’re also nicely manicured for the honeymoon right after the wedding!

4.) Blue Garter

Since there are two garters that you wear on your wedding day (one for the groom to toss and one to keep), consider incorporating blue into your toss garter with a simple ribbon or some blue crystals woven in.

5.) Something Sentimental in Blue

We love the idea of including something sentimental in the tradition of “something blue.” Consider getting a small piece of your mother or grandmother’s wedding gown, dying it blue and wrapping it on the handle of your bouquet. Or another trendy idea is to sew your wedding date to the inside of your dress using blue thread.

What did you use for your “something blue” at your wedding? We would love to hear from you!



Stress – Free Wedding Planning

The time in-between saying yes to the proposal and your actual wedding day is supposed to be one of the most exciting times in your life. But planning the big event can be stressful if you have several different people offering opinions on or making requests about the big day. Staying in control of the wedding planning without ruffling feathers may seem impossible, but it can be done! Here is your guide to stress-free wedding planning:

Hire a wedding planner

 Wedding planners can help SO much when it comes to alleviating the stress from wedding planning. From making vendor calls to managing the budget, they can help you focus on the small details and they can take care of all of the big things.

Do your research

 Being well researched before starting the planning process can be a huge help. There are so many choices to be made from vendors to a location for the ceremony and reception to your overall colors and/or theme – knowing what you are looking for upfront and having done your research will help you rule things out and help you make a final decision. Trust us, the front-end heavy work will be worth it when your wedding is PERFECT!

Stay organized

 We can’t stress it enough – be as organized as possible! Keep a binder of wedding ideas, contact information, budget spreadsheet, etc. This will help you keep track when there’s so much to manage.

Limit outside opinions

 When it comes to planning a wedding, everyone thinks they know what is best. Take everything people say with a grain of salt. Definitely hear what they have to say (they may have some good advice!) but remember to trust your own instinct and don’t loose track of your vision.

Last but definitely not least…Remember why you’re doing the planning in the first place!

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but try to just take a step back and enjoy the process!


Picking Out Your Wedding Songs

Music plays such a huge role in the success of a wedding. Have you ever been to a wedding where the reception is just starting to take off; the bride and groom have cut the cake, they’ve had their first dance, the toasts have been made; and the DJ starts playing and – uh oh – it’s awful and no one is on the dance floor. That is the last thing that you want to happen at your wedding! You want the dance floor to be packed with people and everyone to have a great time!

We’re here to help! Here is a breakdown of all of the major categories for music that you will need to decide on, as well as other parts of your day that you may not have even considered yet!

Ceremony Processional – The processional music is what you walk down the aisle to at your ceremony. You make choose to pick one song for your wedding party and a different song for yourself as the bride, or you can have everyone walk to the same song. It is completely up to you! We recommend something soft and romantic, but pick something that fits your style and the theme of your wedding. Keep in mind if you are having a religious wedding, as some churches are more strict as to what songs you may use.

 Ceremony Recessional – The recessional music is what you walk to when the ceremony is complete. Here, we would recommend something a little more upbeat and joyous sounding. You did, after all, just get married!

 Cocktail Hour – Cocktail hour is traditionally hosted after the ceremony and before the reception. This is the ideal time for guests to get settled in and ready for your reception. It’s also the time for them to mingle, therefore, the music should be soft and in the background. We recommend instrumental music to make sure conversations can be had without any strain to hear.

 Reception Entrance – The reception entrance is a fun thing to choose! Again, here you have the choice to choose an individual song per couple that enters or have everyone walk into the same song. Whatever you choose, be sure that the song is upbeat and fun and, of course, can be danced to.

 First Dance – I am sure you know what the first dance song is, but I do want to stress that this song is SUPER important. It’s the song that defines who you are as a couple. Choose wisely, my friend.

 Father/Daughter and Mother/Groom Dance – These songs can be very special and should be meaningful to your relationship with your mother and your groom with his mother. You can also go traditional with these songs and choose something that speaks to the relationship.

 Reception – Many songs will be played throughout your reception so you might not have an opinion on every song that is played, but you do have the right to talk to your DJ and what songs you want played and what songs you don’t want played. Speak up on this! It’s your big day so be sure it is 100% what YOU want.

We want to hear from you! What songs did you pick to be played during the big moments at your wedding?


Flowers For Your Summer Wedding

Are you looking for flowers for your summer wedding? Summer is by far the best season for flowers, so you’re in luck if you’re a summer bride!

Ordering flowers that are currently in season is not only the most affordable choice, it’s also the most environmentally friendly option. Flowers that are not in bloom in the summer  (i.e. tulips) must be grown in a greenhouse or shipped from a foreign locale.

There are plenty of beautiful, popular flowers in season for summer that are ideal for weddings! Here are some of our favorites:

Baby’s Breath
Calla Lily
English Lavender

Of course, there are tons of flowers to choose from, these are just a few of our favorites for summer weddings!

Did you have a summer wedding or are you getting married this summer? What flowers did you use? We would love to see what you chose!



Wedding Thank You Notes

In the age of impersonal emails, texts and “likes” on Facebook, writing a thank you note is making a welcome comeback! Not sure where to start with your wedding thank you notes? Here are a few tips on where to start:

Keep It Brief

Don’t stress about making your thank you note lengthy and drawn out. The great thing is that it is a note – therefore, in itself it’s meant to be short and sweet.

Timing is Important

Don’t wait too long to send out thank you notes. The sooner the better! You want to make sure you remember the details and the sooner you write it the fresher it will be on your mind.

Make It Unique

The most challenging part about writing a good thank you note is making it unique. It can be hard to write a well thought out note when you simply received money. But, there is always a way to spin the verbiage to make it seem personal, even if the gift was not.

Here is an example of a thank you note for a monetary gift:

Dear Aunt Nancy,

 Thank you so much for the generous gift! Tom and I truly appreciate it. We plan to take use the money towards our honeymoon. There was a fun excursion that we wanted to go on and your generous gift will go a long way to helping us do that!



It Doesn’t Have To Be Fancy

The card itself doesn’t have to be expensive. The most important thing is that you show your gratitude. Writing a heart-felt letter is so much better than any fancy paper.


Have you recently had to write thank you notes for your wedding or shower? We would love to hear what tips you have for writing thank you notes!


Last Minute Wedding Checklist

When planning your wedding, there is so much to plan for that it’s easy to forget something. To help you stay organized on the day of your wedding, we have compiled a list of last minute things that you may need:

1.) Vendor Contact List

It’s something we don’t want to think about happening, but if something were to go wrong with one the vendors, you need to know how to get in contact with them, and them with you. Create a list of contacts with vendor, name, and phone number, That way, if you do need to get in contact with one of them, you have the list handy and you aren’t scrambling to find their number.

2.) Designate a Day of Contact

Speaking of potential disasters occurring, you should put someone in charge of yielding those potential issues. For example, if the florist get’s lost, you as bride should not be the one of the phone giving them directions. Consider giving this task to a Maid of Honor or a close friend – someone responsible and who knows what you want. This will make your day so much easier. They can be in charge of keeping everything in check and you can focus on what you should be – marrying the love of your life.

3.) Photography Shot List

It happens – we get so caught up in the day that we forget to take all the pictures that are important to us. We only get ONE day to capture these photos so create a list of all of the shots you want taken. Be sure to give a copy to your photographer in advance so that they are aware of what you want and can make it happen.

4.) Returning Rentals

If you rented or borrowed anything, you need to make sure you know the process to return them. For example, if you rented the vases for your centerpieces, but your guests want to take the centerpieces home, you need to put someone in charge of monitoring the items so they don’t walk off.

5.) Clean Up/Tear Down

Clean up is again something we don’t tend to think about. Do you have someone in charge of tearing everything down and cleaning up? Ask the coordinator at your venue if you need to do this or if they do it for you. Knowing this in advance could save you time after your reception is over.

Did we get this last minute wedding checklist right? What else would you add to the list?


Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows can be a very overwhelming process. It’s important to find the perfect words to tell your soon-to-be husband or wife. To help make the process a little easier, here are a few suggestions:

Make it personal

 Share a story about the two of you. Maybe how you met or when you first knew they were “the one.” Making your vows personal and authentic is a great start to coming up with the perfect words to say!

Quote a love poem or song

If you can’t seem to find your own words to say, use someone else’s words! There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration in a romantic love song or quoting your favorite writer. We do suggest after the quote, however, simply explain how it relates back to your relationship. That way you still keep it personal, too.

Keep it as simple as possible

There is no need to sound deep and full of wisdom in your wedding vows. You are not a philosopher and no one expects you to be. Just tell them how you feel and how happy they make you. That will be more than enough!

Don’t write them ahead of time

Of course, this might not be the right option for everyone, but you can choose to simply not write your vows in advance. This will allow you to speak directly from the heart when you are standing there at the alter looking at the one you love. If you know that you get nervous talking in front of other people and think you won’t do well with not having something prepared, then if nothing else, have a few bullet points to go off of and then what you say about those points can be said on the spot.

Write from the heart

If you are in doubt about what to say, the biggest thing to remember is that you may be speaking in front of a crowd, but in the end your words are just for the one standing across from you. They are the one that your words should resonate with. Think of it as a love letter. Also, if you are both nervous about your vows, there is nothing wrong with writing them together!

Have you recently written vows for your wedding day? What helped you get over your writers block?


You’re Engaged! Now What?

First and foremost congratulations! You’re engaged! Now what? I am sure you have a ton of things running through your head. But try not to get too ahead of yourself. Before you go into full fledge planning mode, there are a few things you should do.

Let Your Close Friends and Family Know

No matter how tempting it is to jump to social media and announce your engagement to the world, it is important to tell your close family and friends first. Even just a quick phone call is fine, but we highly recommend doing this first. No one likes to be the last to know.

Get Your Ring Sized and Insured

I am sure your ring is absolutely gorgeous and the last thing you want to do is worry about loosing it. Be sure to get it sized to fit and have it insured. Ring insurance isn’t too expensive and it absolutely worth the peace of mind.

Start a Wedding Website

One of the best ways to keep your family and friends updated on wedding details is to create a wedding website. You can write about how you two met, have a guestbook, tell people where you are registered, etc. It’s a super useful tool!

Celebrate With Your New Fiancé

Over the next few months, things are going to start to get overwhelming. Be sure to set aside a little time for just two of you. We know there is a lot to get done, but you need to celebrate, just you and him!

Decide If You Want To Hire A Wedding Planner

Now is a good time to determine if you want to hire a wedding planner. They can be very helpful, from negotiating with vendors to fixing day-of disasters. Keep in mind, good planners don’t come cheap. If you want to hire someone to help you, be sure to do your research and set aside a budget upfront.

Start Saving Money…NOW

Weddings can add up very quickly. The best way to make sure you stay within your set budget is to work backwards. Determine how much you are willing to pay per vendor and add in all your expected (and unexpected) costs.

Did you recently get engaged? What did you do right after you said “yes?”


Ways To Reuse And Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Well, the big day has come and gone and you’re officially a wife! Congratulations! One big question I am sure you have is: What the heck am I going to do with this big, expensive gown? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse and preserve your wedding gown:

Donate It

We love the idea of donating your dress after you have used it! Wedding gowns can be really expensive, so fortunately, there are secondhand wedding dress stores that you can donate your dress and help another woman in need feel beautiful on her big day, just as you did!

“Trash The Dress”

I am sure you have seen the awesome “Trash the Dress” photos that people take after their wedding day. We love this idea because it allows you to do something fun with your spouse and capture awesome photos that will last a lifetime! Trashing the dress can be anything really – from using paint to jumping in a body of water. Just make sure you are getting the first moment captured! It’s hard to go back and redo a jump in the pond in your white wedding dress!

Make it Like New!

Why not have it altered to be a short cocktail dress? This way you have a way to wear it again to a less formal occasion and who knows, depending on how big your dress was you might even be able to get two dresses out of all that tule!

Display It

Instead of keeping it locked in a closet, consider putting it on display. Maybe invest in a mannequin so it stays perfect for you to admire for years to come.

Save It To Make Something

Consider having it preserved so that you can use the material to make something years later. For example, when you have children or even grandchildren, consider using the material from your dress to make something for the new addition to the family! Whether a simple bib, a shirt or a gown, it will be a great way to remember your wedding day and share the sentiment with your family.

We want to hear from you! What did you do with your wedding gown after the big day?


How To Keep Kids Entertained At Your Reception

Unfortunately, weddings are not super exciting for little ones, but keeping them busy and entertained can be done with the right activities!

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep kids entertained at your reception:

Coloring Books – Coloring books are a simple way to keep kids busy during your wedding reception. Have a printed book with a few pages for them to color. If you don’t want to do a book, consider making their entire tablecloth a big sheet of white paper where they can color freely! Don’t forget to provide the crayons!

Scavenger Hunt – Create an “I Spy” themed scavenger hunt and give them wedding themed items to find. For example, a white dress, a wedding cake, a candle, a flower bouquet, etc. If you want to get even more creative, give each kid a disposable camera and have them snap a picture of each of the items they need to find!

Game Table – Have a segregated area at your wedding reception where kids can play board games. Have a variety to choose from and let them have fun!

Hiring Kids Entertainment – If you have a good amount of kids attending your wedding reception (and if you have the room to accommodate it), consider hiring entertainment specifically for them. Maybe a magician, clown or someone who can make balloon animals; any entertainer that will interact with the kids and keep them occupied.

Interactive Placemats – Give each kid a placemat that has something interactive to do on it. For example, include a word search, tic-tac-toe, connect the dots, etc. Consider using wedding themed words to find and tie it into your special day!

Although these activities will keep the kids entertained, if you do plan on seating them all together, separated from their parents, it is also a good idea to recruit someone to watch them. This can simply be a family member that is willing to take on the task. It will help you relax and enjoy your wedding without worrying about keeping the kids under control and entertained!

We want to hear from you! Have your own tips to keep kids entertained? What did you do to entertain children at your wedding?