Inside a Very Special 2016 Enzoani Preview Event

August was a very special month for us at Trudys Brides. For over three weeks, we were so thrilled to have hosted a very special preview event of Enzoani’s all-new 2016 collections. The preview event featured dozens of the latest Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, and Beautiful bridal gowns, as well as the highly anticipated preview event for the 2016 Collection. We also offered exclusive first opportunities for brides-to-be to be among the first to see and try on their favorite wedding dresses from the current collections.  Click  to read more now.

Ideas for Planning a Winter Wedding

With summer winding down, and back to school in the air, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your winter wedding plans!

Are you putting the finishing touches on your winter wedding? If you need some last minute inspiration and guidance, we’ve got you covered. Leave you and your guests in a winter wonderland they won’t want to leave!


Reds and greens certainly reflect the holiday season, but you will regret overdoing this color combo. Take advantage of wintery colors including: white, grey and blue. Plus if you’re a fan of sparkles, this wedding planning season is meant for you! Gold and silver accents with added glitter are perfect forthe snowy season.


Snowflakes and pinecones are tried-and-true winter wedding ideas, but don’t feel chained to this decor. Bring the ice indoors with ice-carved vases on your reception tables. If real ice is out of the question, crystal accents are elegant and unique. Hang strings of crystals from different heights to make it look like the room is draped in glittering icicles.


Take advantage of the season by creating a menu that will keep your guests toasty on the inside, while fueling them up to dance. Cold weather calls for comfort food – pastries are a great addition to your dessert table. As for drinks, wintry themed cocktails can start the reception of right. Check out these delicious drinks! To end the night, send your guests home with a warm drink such as coffee, hot cocoa, or warm apple cider.

Time to reinvent your winter wedding with these perfect finishing touches!

Shopping Tips For the Curvy Bride

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun, memorable experience. But when many bridal stores only cater to smaller women and don’t carry any gowns that fit the average woman at a size 14, your experience can turn sour very quickly. Ladies, it is time to embrace your curves! Every body type is beautiful and you can find your dream dress. For the curvy bride, here are a few things to keep in mind when you set out to find that perfect gown.

Plus-Size-Allure-Bridals-W341 Know your budget

Unfortunately, plus-size gowns do tend to cost a little bit more simply because there is more material, beading, etc. involved in the making of the dress. Before you even enter a salon, set a price that you don’t want to exceed. It is very easy to fall in love with a dress that is outside of you what you are willing to pay if you don’t set that expectation up front. A small tip – if you do fall in love with a dress that is too much, try asking if the designer can modify the dress slightly. This could be reducing some of the beading, using a different material that might cost less or removing a train if it has one.

Be aware that bridal sizes are larger than normal clothing sizes

When you get to the salon, do not be alarmed when you tell them you are a size 14 and they have you trying on size 18-20 dresses. This is very normal for wedding gowns. Also, be sure to call ahead to the salon you plan on shopping at to make sure they have gowns in your size on-site.

Plus-Wedding-Dress-Mori-Lee-3188-sKnow what fabrics and silhouette are most flattering

The best fabrics to look for are thinker fabrics because they make everything look smooth and streamline your silhouette. Avoid heavily beaded bodices because they tend to break up your body and make it look less fluid. Also, being curvy does not mean that you can’t rock a fitted dress. Check out the plus-sizes lines from designers like Allure, Mori Lee and Maggie Sottero. They carry beautiful gowns that flatter all shapes and sizes.


I know it sounds cliché, but when you find the right dress, you will know it. Make sure you are direct and tell the consultant what you are looking for and don’t ever feel pressure to buy something that isn’t what you want. Always stay true to who you are.

At Trudys Brides, we have one of the largest selections of plus size gowns and for a limited time we are hosting a Love Your Curves event to showcase plus size gown from our top designers.

Kristen Conrad Mullen 3

Will You Be My Flower Girl?

5jWC-apNMrunmcXdP-LZuPLi6J6E_IXRrVLnbPB11sfLkp0JQxLdB436pewhSmLIgZB-HHDctFJVA3tRBOdu8_KBX4o=s2048When you plan a wedding, make sure you don’t forget about the little ones! Trudy’s bridesmaids department also carries several different flower girl dresses sure to make your flower girl feel like the perfect princess. These dresses can take almost as long as a bridesmaid order- somewhere around three months, depending on which designer you choose. If you’re a little short on time for the flower girl, check out Amalee flower girl dresses-they only need 4 weeks.

VqbfNADPkB91Okx-lMjTnfKeuzULMN-c4ajC9sGf4zUVv7Xb99RTho8-vtBLwpoI3IQxnjySR2fpZhBRb-YFEMzQId8=s2048We had a couple flower girls in a few weeks ago sampling our flower girl dresses, and the results are nothing short of adorable. The girls even had their own little test to see if the dress passed, called “the sit test”. These little girls would sit down and, for the dress to pass, it had to poof out all around when they sat down. Needless to say, the girls were not disappointed.

One more word to the wise, when you have the flower girls measured to order the dress, make sure you accommodate for how fast she will grow between then and the wedding date–flower girls tend to sprout up!

Need for Speed

If there’s one mindset that’s big in society, it is the idea of speed. How long is this going to take? How fast can we get this done? It is most evident on society’s transition from snail mail to snappy texts. In this instance, speed has entered the bridesmaids department at Trudy’s. Introducing the Donna Morgan Bridesmaids Collection.

8037-jade-dtsA typical bridesmaids order can take around four months, but Donna Morgan promises delivery within 4-6 weeks-perfect for the last minute bridal shopping or anyone who would like to alleviate time consuming tasks as much as possible. Plus, you can refer to the dress style by number OR by NAME…kind of a fun twist: Instead of asking to see the 3907 dress, you can ask to see the Lauren dress.

Donna Morgan’s bridesmaid collection has many fun dress styles in chiffon, both short and long. The colors range anywhere from soft pastels to sultry dark colors like amethyst, midnight blue, and even a classy sterling silver. So you can use these dresses in a formal evening wedding or even a romantic garden wedding. And for the more adventurous bride, there’s even the floral print options. Donna Morgan’s experience in retail gives her dresses that “ready to wear” flare. Her dresses are user friendly and can be worn for occasions outside of the special wedding night- and honestly, isn’t that the goal, to find a bridesmaids dress that you’ll truly want to wear again?

Trudy’s Bridesmaids is now carrying these dresses in our quick delivery section, along with some select Dessy & After Six dresses which can also be ordered in 4-6 weeks. My personal favorite is style #2905, in the claret color.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you just want to talk bridesmaids. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. You can email me at Check out the new collection and let us know what you think! What’s your favorite?


Plus Size Brides

Fashion has always made women feel aware of their size. The spotlight is even brighter on a woman’s biggest day – her wedding day! Our friends at Justin Alexander recently asked us to discuss our thoughts on the curvy bride and we were so excited to shed some light on the subject, as plus size brides are a great passion of ours.

Read how we make our passion for bridal fashion available to all shapes and sizes in our guest blog post with Justin Alexander – Plus Size Brides.

Here are some highlights;

  • Best silhouettes: The days of suggesting shape or style for glamour size brides are over! Curvy women want to show off their curves in everything from mermaid silhouettes to plunging backs. Others are more traditional and love the quieter understated gowns. The most important aspect in choosing a wedding dress for a size 4 or a size 18 is to find a well supported gown construction to confidently show off their best assets. The best silhouette is different for every bride and we have them all to show her in her size.
  •  Figure-flattering fabrics: The best fabric is the one that best compliments the venue and wedding date she selects. For instance, a lighter fabric like chiffon, silk dupioni or jersey is perfect for a summer beach wedding while a satin or charmeuse is a wonderful choice for a formal winter wedding.

It’s All Part of the Wedding Plan …or Is It?

Congratulations! You’re engaged! So, now what’s your plan? Don’t know? Here’s the one key tip you should remember during this time…no, it’s not – panic. It’s sit down and start making a plan. Why? Because it really starts and finished with your plan.

Trudys Brides blogFrom your guest list, to your seating chart, you can easily waste valuable time by not having a wedding plan. First, start with jotting down your ideas on what you envisioned you perfect day to be. What does the area look like? Indoors or outdoors? Have any venues you’ve been to stood out?

Many brides have a wedding binder…a collection of tidbits that were accumulated over the years. But, just because you may not have one, doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. In fact, there are many websites that offer planning tools. One we love is on – they even have a tab dedicated to planning!

The biggest thing is – don’t be overwhelmed. Starting and creating a plan can actually help calm the nerves because you can feel confident in your point of view and it helps when shopping for your dress or look at menu items to keep you on point with a goal.

Trudys understands the pressures brides face when planning for their big day. That’s why we strive to relieve that stress with at least one thing on that list – finding that perfect dress! Visit us today at The Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell, CA and see why many brides say YES! to Trudys’ dresses.

What Makes A Watters Bride

I can always tell when I meet a Watters bride. Maybe it’s that extra attention to detail she’s put into her outfit, or the savvy look in her eyes that says she’s an excellent shopper who wants exceptional value for her dollar. Maybe it’s the way she describes her wedding, full of personal and unique touches, the way she comes alive when she talks about her dream dress – artistic, inspired, modern but timeless – in other words, completely and totally her.

Trudys Brides - blogI know her when I see her, the Watters bride, and I love the look on her face when she discovers the variety, style, and incredible selection available to her in the Watters and WTOO Collections. These dresses are intelligent – stunning and creative, full of surprises and built-in options and constructed by the talented hand of a designer with years of experience. These dresses are exceptional, and swoon-worthy, and they are on their way to you.
Trudys is happy to present the debut of the Watters and WTOO 2014 Collections. November 29th – December 8th, we’ll have both gorgeous collections in the store for you to touch, try on, and celebrate. During the trunk show, each bride who falls in love with and purchases a Watters gown will receive a $150 credit to use toward her bridal accessories.

WTOO HERAAs if that weren’t enough excitement for one week, we are also thrilled to introduce the first line from Watters’ brand new bridal collection, D.I.D. The D.I.D Collection, named for the first initials of each of its three creative young designers, Dani, Izzie, and Dylan, is fresh, sexy, playful, and full of fantastic options that reflect the personal styles of its fabulously diverse creators. “New York native Dani’s east coast style influenced the elegant, and modern dresses with an allure of sophistication. Izzie’s California style inspired the romantic, bohemian and effortless gowns. Texas debutante Dylan’s style is reflected on glamorous dresses with a hint of sex appeal.”
Call today to schedule your appointment for our Watters, WTOO, and D.I.D Spring 2014 Collection debut trunk show. Are you a Watters bride? This is your perfect opportunity to come, try on, and see for yourself. Call (408) 377-1987 today to schedule your appointment!

Wedding Venue: Introducing the Enchanting Gardens of Almaden

Finding a wedding venue that is both beautiful AND flexible enough to meet all of your needs is perhaps the most stressful part of planning a wedding. You might love the view at one site, but not the $140-a-plate mandatory caterer. The food at another venue is spectacular, but not so much the box-like reception hall with its dated purple carpet and red velvet table linens. So often, you are faced with a long list of all-or-nothing packages. There are beautiful spaces, but never enough space and freedom to have the wedding you’re truly dreaming about.

Your wedding is yours and yours alone, and you deserve a venue that will allow you to get outside of the box and into the open air of the beautiful Almaden Hills, a venue with all of the luxury of a winery and the perfect intimacy of a wedding at home. Trudys is so happy to introduce you to one of our favorite new venues in the Bay Area – The (stunning) Enchanting Gardens of Almaden.

enchanted garden 1

The Enchanting Gardens of Almaden is, quite simply, the best of all worlds. The beautifully manicured gardens and vineyard create the perfect wine-country ambiance, centered around a stunning Mediterranean villa that will serve as your home-away-from-home. The luxurious on-site bride’s room means you and your party won’t have to worry about transportation wrinkles – you can walk your freshly-pressed dress right outside and down the aisle. An expansive lawn and tiled patio offer you the ability to let your imagination run wild and create your own vision for your wedding day. The Enchanting Gardens is also a private venue – no unwanted gym goers or golf pros or hotel guests will be wandering in to your reception, leaving you free to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family.

trudys brides blog

It’s beautiful, it’s comfortable, it’s all yours – and we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. Want to choose your own food? Feel free to bring your own licensed caterer! Have a certain wine you fancy? Bring in your own drinks, with NO corkage fee! The Enchanting Gardens is child-friendly, thrilled to celebrate with our LGBT brides and grooms, and your hosts are even thoughtful enough to provide a sitting room for elderly guests to escape and rest on cool summer nights.

trudys brides blog

The Enchanting Gardens of Almaden can accommodate up to 150 guests, or 250 with the addition of executive restrooms. Also included with the site is the Wedding Day Management Package of Certified Wedding Consultant Marcia Coleman-Joyner, whose warmth and 24 years of experience will be the final pieces that make your day truly perfect. We can vouch for Marcia’s talent ourselves – she is also the Event Coordinator for Trudys Brides!

trudys brides blog

We’re simply in love with The Enchanting Gardens of Almaden. And just when we thought we couldn’t fall any deeper, they’ve graciously donated the use of their property to one lucky couple as part of our $20,000+ Dream Wedding Give-Away at this year’s Wedding Faire. Maybe, just maybe, that couple is you.

trudys brides blog

Finding the perfect venue is exhausting, unless the perfect venue just happens to be right in the neighborhood. We can’t wait for you to discover The Enchanting Gardens of Almaden.

Happy planning!