Jasmine B2 & Belsoie Bridesmaid Dresses

Jasmine Bridesmaid Dresses featuring their B2 and Belsoie dress lines were created to combine style and elegance with affordability for your wedding party. Jasmine has been one of the top wedding dress designers for many years and bring the same exciting design style to their B2 Bridesmaid dresses.
Jasmine Bridesmaid Dresses Range: $180 - $270
Jasmine B2 Dress Style B2078

Jasmine B2 Dress
Style: B2078

Jasmine B2 Dress Style B143018

Jasmine B2 Dress
Style: B143018

Jasmine B2 Dress Style B163057

Jasmine B2 Dress
Style: B163057

Jasmine B2 Dress Style B163058

Jasmine B2 Dress
Style: B163058

Jasmine B2 Dress Style B163069

Jasmine B2 Dress
Style: B163069

Jasmine B2 Dress Style B173018

Jasmine B2 Dress
Style: B173018

Jasmine Belsoie Dress Style L164010

Jasmine Belsoie Dress
Style: L164010

Jasmine B2 Dress Style B164056

Jasmine B2 Dress
Style: B164056

Jasmine Belsoie Dress Style L164068

Jasmine Belsoie Dress
Style: L164068

Jasmine Belsoie Dress Style B164073

Jasmine Belsoie Dress
Style: B164073

Jasmine Belsoie Dress Style B174001

Jasmine Belsoie Dress
Style: B174001

Jasmine Belsoie Dress Style L174021

Jasmine Belsoie Dress
Style: L174021

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